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Vitamins that help you feel better every day


Ultimate Convenience & Quality

Delivered through your letterbox The Complex, comprising PROTECTION, FLEXIBILITY & RECOVERY, is a 3 capsule daily vitamin, mineral and supplement routine designed for cyclists, of exceptional quality and purity.  Helping you maintain a healthy body, supporting your training recovery and reducing the risk of missed rides. 

Helps you maintain a healthy body

Exercising for extended periods (think a ride-out) can cause the body to lose essential minerals required for the maintenance of bones and muscles. VitxCycle has been designed to help avoid the depletion of the body’s reserves and associated long term health impacts.


Supports your post exercise recovery

By keeping your body fuelled on a daily basis with the essential vitamins, minerals and supplements it needs for recovering from time spent in the saddle, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to stay in peak condition and improve your recovery between rides.

Keeps you on your bike

Essential vitamins and minerals are important for maintaining good health.  The VitxCycle complex helps maintain your immune system and aids joint flexibility, both help to reduce the risk of missing time off your bike so you can spend more time on the road and feeling good.

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The Complex


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4 Weeks Supply

Every 4 Weeks


The Complex is non-GMO and 100% free from synthetic fillers, bulking agents, sugar, sweeteners, gluten, artificial colours and preservatives.


I love them!

"Taking VitxCycle has made a huge difference for me, I usually suffer with really sore muscles after workouts and cycling and this has massively reduced since taking the supplements."


Marnie Owen


Warwick Lanterne Rouge CC

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Massive improvements

"Since using VitxCycle I have found a massive improvement in my recovery especially after a hard session.  I have also found the middle aged man aches and pains have mainly gone when I wake up in the morning.

Bryan Steel

Olympic and World Cycling Medalist


Bryan Steel Cycling


Game changer!

"I'm absolutely buzzing, after only 3 weeks the difference has been remarkable.  I've got Crohn's and struggle to absorb vitamins meaning I need regular vitamin injections.  Two months on the bounce my Doctor has been able to reduce these due to improvements in my blood results and my recovery has also improved. 

VitxCycle you've been a game changer."

Chris Ball


Bryan Steel Velo Club Gran Fondo


I just feel better

"After doing a real side by side experiment and trying VitxCycle for 2 months and going back to my old regime, I definitely felt better using VitxCycle so I'm signing up for the long haul."

Rupert Visick


Cappuccino CC

What our subscribers say...

We are VitxCycle


Will Larkin

VitxCycle was born out of Will’s search for a way to help improve his general flexibility and aid his recovery from long rides out. Years of working a desk job, playing hockey and cycling had led him to suffering more than most after a long ride - frequently experiencing a sore lower back and stiff legs! His research with various health professionals (Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Dieticians, Doctors to name a few!) led him to create The Complex of PROTECTION, FLEXIBILITY & RECOVERY.
It was following conversations with friends on ride-outs and hearing about their own health issues, that he realised his complex could be of benefit to them too and after asking them to trial it and hearing their positive experiences, VitxCycle was born.

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