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I love them!

"Taking VitxCycle has made a huge difference for me, I usually suffer with really sore muscles after workouts and cycling and this has massively reduced since taking the supplements."

Marnie Owen


Warwick Lanterne Rouge CC

Bryan Steel 1.jpeg

Massive improvements

"Since using VitxCycle I have found a massive improvement in my recovery especially after a hard session.  I have also found the middle aged man aches and pains have mainly gone when I wake up in the morning."

Bryan Steel

Olympic and World Cycling Medalist


Bryan Steel Cycling


Game changer!

"I'm absolutely buzzing, after only 3 weeks the difference has been remarkable.  I've got Crohn's and struggle to absorb vitamins meaning I need regular vitamin injections.  Two months on the bounce my Doctor has been able to reduce these due to improvements in my blood results and my recovery has also improved. 

VitxCycle you've been a game changer."

Chris Ball


Bryan Steel Velo Club Gran Fondo


I just feel better

"After doing a real side by side experiment and trying VitxCycle for 2 months and going back to my old regime, I definitely felt better using VitxCycle so I'm signing up for the long haul."

Rupert Visick


Cappuccino CC


I can train longer

"I'm Coeliac with low vitamin D levels and need supplements that will ensure I receive my daily essential vitamin and mineral intake and are Gluten Free. After regularly taking VitxCycle my joint pain has notably subsided meaning I can train longer and more often, improving my cycle fitness and enjoyment."

Tom Picking

All Things Ride

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It really works

"After being diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and starting a 6 week treatment plan of both radio and chemo therapies. I was looking to give my body the best chance of coping with the side effects, so I started to take VitxCycle under my Consultant's supervision. I had regular blood tests during the treatment and my bloods actually IMPROVED during his time! Needless to say I'll be continuing to take VitxCycle, it really does work."

Ben Burton


The Burton Bash

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 Manages my arthritic pain

"I started to use VitxCycle three months ago. If I’m honest I didn’t notice any changes until I stopped taking them when I was away on a two week cycling trip in Girona. Towards the end of the tour my wrist joint, which I’d fractured years ago was aching badly. It was then that I realised that VitxCycle had been instrumental at keeping the arthritic pain at bay. Needless to say I'll be packing them next time I go away."

Simon De Burgh


Velo Performance Club

Steve Jefferies.jpeg

Supports my training

"290+km and 3,600m of climbing is not to be undertaken lightly, especially when you’re the wrong side of 40. VitxCycle supplements helped me maintain a heavy training load without succumbing to illness or injury and helped keep my energy levels high. After 12 hours in the saddle, I had completed the Dawn to Dusk Rawlinson Bracket and I felt I could’ve kept going for another few hours."

Steve Jefferies


The Rawlinson Bracket


Improved recovery

"My recovery has improved massively since taking VitxCycle, I find myself feeling stronger going into next ride or training session and my flexibility has also increased, I have felt this difference particularly when manoeuvring the bike around running cx."

Michelle Paget




VitXCycling pic mjb.jpg

Highly recommend

"I have been taking VitxCycle supplements every day for 3 months now and although the results have been subtle, I have been very satisfied.  I have noticed a slight increase in leg strength (not sure if this is down to the supplements or not) improved sleep, improved movement in muscle joints, and faster hair and nail growth which I believe is a sign of good overall health.  The benefits seem to be a lot more tangible than other vitamin supplements I have previously tested. I therefore highly recommend this product for 40+ year old cyclists who train regularly and still ride competitively."  


Mat Brown

Cat 4 CRIT Racer


Protection against colds and illness

"I'm confident in saying that VitxCycle really seems to be giving me protection me from colds and infections. Since starting I have managed to dodge all colds even though they seem to be doing the rounds amongst my family and friends. Staying free of illness has allowed me to focus on my own training and I have slowly been improving my cyclocross results and that important FTP is creeping back up. 
Hopefully I'll be able to acquit myself well in the upcoming UCI Masters' World Cyclocross Championships.

Rob Kennison


Medway Velo Club