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Are your lungs getting the maximum benefit from exercise?

Aerobic exercise such as cycling improves your lung capacity, but it can't help with your lung function. Through regular exercise, you increase your lung capacity and therefore the amount of oxygen your lungs can hold. However, without supporting the health and efficiency of your lungs, you may not be giving them the best chance of absorbing the extra oxygen and so reducing the benefit from your exercise.

A great way to support your lung and general health is to ensure you are consuming the RDA of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that helps protect your cells and especially those in your muscles and lungs, both of which are put under stress during intense cycling efforts.

Vitamin E may also helps slow down the ageing process of your cells and may help reduce the damage caused by free radicles, which are molecules formed as part of your body’s normal processes. Free radicles weaken and break down healthy cells and their numbers can be increased with high-level environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, exposure to air pollution and high exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Vitamin E is found naturally in olive oil, nuts, eggs and leafy green veg (kale, spinach etc.), so via a healthy and balanced diet an adult’s requirement of c15mg per day can be consumed.

However, you could be missing out on this essential vitamin if you are eating a low-fat diet or one low on the food stuffs listed above. In such circumstances a Vitamin E supplement could be the answer to ensuring you maintain the recommended intake required for this vitamin that protects your cells!

VitxCycle complex protects against this by ensuring you get your RDA of Vitamin E every day.


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