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Do you want help to improve your power output?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Then you’d benefit from Vitamin D – The Sunshine vitamin!

As the nickname suggests, your body actually makes Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, but given this is in short supply from October to March (even if you spend plenty of time outside), chances are your body will have less than adequate levels of this important vitamin.

Very few foods contain Vitamin D, but it can be found in nature in fatty fish (salmon, tuna,

mackerel), cheese and egg yokes. It’s a key requirement for your body in building and maintaining both bone and muscle. It can also rev up your metabolism and increased levels in your blood can boost your aerobic capacity, muscle growth, muscle force, increase power, improve bone density and aid recovery times after exercise.

Without enough Vitamin D, the mitochondria in muscle fibres can’t adequately regenerate energy after your muscles contract, making you feel tired more quickly. But how do can you ensure that you are maintaining the right levels?

VitxCycle is a high quality complex of vitamins, minerals and food supplements your body needs to support your training. VitxCycle helps supplement your diet to ensure you are providing your body with the essentials to keep it fit for the next ride.


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