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Introducing VitxCycle’s ‘The Complex’

We are very excited to announce that the new VitxCycle website has launched today and we are ready to take your orders for ‘The Complex’. The Complex is a food supplement delivered directly through your door, which has been designed specifically for CYCLISTS of all abilities, to help you maintain a healthy body, support your training recovery and reduce the risk of missed rides.

Following an initial successful trial we are bringing 'The Complex' to cyclists across the UK! To check out what we’re about and sign up to our subscription service visit us at

For the first 100 new subscribers we’re offering 50% off the first instalment of 'The Complex', just use the code first100 at the checkout.

You can contact us at and through your favourite social media platform. You can also join our STRAVA club and check the blog for our latest thoughts on cycling, diet, motivation and anything else we think you might find interesting!

Start getting winter ready by subscribing to VitxCycle today!

Happy Cycling!

Will and the VitxCycle team.


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