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Meet a Subscriber - Chris Ball

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Our latest guest in our 'Meet a Subscriber' feature is Crohn's warrior Chris Ball. With his constant battle against Crohn's, were proud to be in Chris's corner supporting him to keep enjoying the sport he loves. Happy cycling Chris.

Name: Chris Ball Age (it is only a number!!) : 50 Occupation: Park and Parish Warden Tell us about yourself: Crohn’s warrior with half a working stomach Are you on Social Media? Instagram @cyclingwithcrohns Cycle club (if you have one): Bryan Steel’s Velo Club Gran Fondo What was your first bike? Raleigh sprint Current bike: Which one? 😉

Cervelo R5 race bike is my favourite (for now) Dream bike: probably the new Dogma but happy with the Cervelo Favourite place to ride: Tuscany If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be? Tuscany and Mont Ventoux Why is cycling special to you? It keeps me sane and the Crohn’s at bay. And I love my sport. Biggest cycling achievement (distance/days/event): The most recent Gran fondò World Championships Do you have a yearly distance target? 10,000km Any cycle trips coming up? I’m just back from an amazing trip in Spain Do you have any health goals? to keep the Crohn’s at bay What benefits do you feel from taking VitxCycle? The introduction of VitxCycle into my daily regime has dramatically reduced the volume of additional vitamin-based injections that I normally would have from my GP every 2 weeks, to combat the effects of the Crohn’s disease. It really has been a game changer for me. How would you describe your cycling style? Puncheur


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