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Meet a Subscriber - Jason Peppiatt

Updated: Jan 16

This month's Meet a Subscriber see's us meet Italian bike fan Jason Peppiatt. With 8 bikes in the household it's safe to say he's a bit cycling obsessed. A proud member of Rapha CC (one of VitxCycle partner clubs) he can be seen on the Buckinghamshire country lanes training for his next cycling holiday or upcoming Time Trial.

VitxCycle subscriber and Rapha Cycle Club (RCC) member @jayandrichie
Jason Peppiatt

Name: Jason Peppiatt

Age (it is only a number!!): 53

Occupation: Visual Merchandising Manager

Tell us about yourself: I’m based in a small town Olney in Buckinghamshire, lived in the area for most of my life with a short spell living in South Africa. Fare to say cycling obsessed, currently with 8 bikes in the household! Big fan of Italian bikes currently made up of bikes from Cinelli, Basso and Dedacciai. Check out my Instagram if you want to know more!

Are you on Social Media? Instagram @jayandrichie and Strava under my name Jason Peppiatt

Cycle club: Rapha RCC

What was your first bike? A Peugeot Ventoux 501 road bike, steel frame circa 1986

Current bike: Basso Diamante SV

Dream bike: Very lucky to already have it, but there is always plenty more on the list n+1!!!!

Favourite place to ride: Local lanes in summer

If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be? Never ridden in America so that would be cool

Why is cycling special to you? Tricky one to pinpoint but from the age of 17 when I joined my first Club (North Buck Road Club) I was hooked and it’s been part of my life ever since.

Biggest cycling achievement (distance/days/event): I loved to road race and time trial back in the 80’s and 90’s, with one of the many types of events I rode was the Tandem Time trials and getting the British Record was a big one! Long since beaten I might add.

Do you have a yearly distance target? Yes minimum of 5000 miles

Any cycle trips coming up? Majorca for 2023 all booked

Do you have any health goals? To stay fit health and fast! Starting to time trial again in 2023 so need to be fit!

What benefits do you feel from taking VitxCycle? To be honest as we all know age is just a number, but VitxCycle has most definitely allowed me to train harder and sooner than I was doing before taking it! It’s definitely a big tick for me!

How would you describe your cycling style? I love it all and right now, I love my road biking and a little bit of gravel throw in. I guess an all rounder.


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