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Meet a Subscriber - Marnie Owen

Our latest 'Meet A Subscriber' feature is with the Ambulance Service's very own Marnie Owen. Cycling was been part of her life from an early age and while she's not training for a sportive or triathlon she's busy with her young family or working on the NHS front line. Chapeau Marnie.

Name: Marnie Owen

Age (it is only a number!!): 29

Occupation: Ambulance Service

Tell us about yourself: I work in the NHS for the ambulance service and in my spare time I'm one of the mad ones that enjoy tagging a swim and run either side of a bike ride.

I am also a Mum and have enjoyed watching my children try different sports thanks to the variety of local sports activities/clubs, we have really enjoyed doing junior Parkrun recently too and they have been an awesome support crew for some of the cycling events I have done this year.

Are you on Social Media? If so where can you be found? Yes, my instagram is @Marnie5953

Cycle club: Warwick Lanterne Rouge Cycling club and TriEnergy triathlon club

What was your first bike? The first one I can remember due to rapidly falling off it the same day was a little orange Peugeot racer

Current bike: Which one?? I currently have a Mango single/fixed wheel for commuting, Genesis Delta for my winter bike and a Planet X for my summer bike.

Dream bike: I really like Liv bikes so maybe the Avail Advanced Pro or I would go for a custom made road bike.

Favourite place to ride: Locally the Cotswolds, as the views are amazing!

If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would love to cycle around Sri Lanka or New Zealand.

Why is cycling special to you? I have a lot of memories of family cycling holidays when I was younger and it is something I recently started doing again to keep exercising during the lockdowns. Last year I joined a local cycling club and have made some amazing friends there!

Biggest cycling achievement (distance/days/event): Connecting everything to @zwift is probably my biggest achievement this year!

I did my first TT this year and loved it but I think my biggest achievement so far is completing my first century to Oxford and back with the support of several members of Warwick Lanterne Rouge cc which was a massive achievement for me after only learning to ride in a group 6 months before.

Do you have a yearly distance target? Not yet, I just ride!

Any cycle trips coming up? Paris Roubaix sportive (half distance) in April and Portugal 2 weeks after that for the club tour.

Do you have any health goals? To improve my fitness on the bike and to be able to go faster and further! I also want to be able to recover quickly after workouts and have a good immune system.

What benefits do you feel from taking VitxCycle? I have felt that my muscle recovery after workouts has been a lot quicker since using VitxCycle and I have had a lot more energy since taking them too.

How would you describe your cycling style? I would say pretty chilled and social but I like a challenge!




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