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Meet a Subscriber - Mat Brown

Updated: May 24, 2022

This month's Meet a Subscriber is CRIT racing, University lecturer Mat Brown....

Name: Mat Brown

Age (it is only a number!!): 45

Occupation: Senior lecturer in product design

Tell us about yourself: I've been riding bikes all my life including racing BMX as a young nipper.

Are you on Social Media? No (I'm old school, not even on facebook)

What was your first bike? A (fake) Kawahara BMX

Current bike: Bianchi Oltre XR4

Dream bike: Original Skyway Street Beat BMX (1985)

Favourite place to ride: Anywhere in France

If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be? Not 100% sure, but the Italian Lakes would be a good starting point.

Why is cycling special to you? Freedom, fitness, competition, nutrition/diet, discipline, coffee, components, design of the bikes, maintenance, cycle clothing, man caves (not necessarily in this order...)

Biggest cycling achievement (distance/days/event): Finished 3rd in a Cat 4 race at Hillingdon criterium (this was achieved without taking any banned substances..)

Do you have any health goals? Continue to be race fit until reaching 50

What benefits do you feel from taking VitxCycle? Increase in leg strength, improvements in my sleep, improved movement in my joints, feeling less stiff the day after a ride and faster nail & hair growth.

How would you describe your cycling style? A very good bike handler for a 45 year old.


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