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Meet a Subscriber - Michelle Paget

Our latest 'Meet a Subscriber' feature is with the CX/MTB, mud loving Michelle Paget. You'll be hard pressed to find someone who's more bike obsessed than Michelle, she's even set up her own cycle club specialising in helping children and women get into cycling. Chapeau Michelle 👏.

Name: Michelle Paget Age (it is only a number!!): 45 Occupation: Bike Shop Retail Tell us about yourself: I really love riding bikes, working with bikes and helping others to ride and love bikes too :) I set up and run Peddlamaniacs, a cycle club that primarily teaches children from ages 4 to 12 but we also offer adults coaching and female coaching sessions too. The core of the coaching we offer is MTB or off road CX. The club also has a ladies Cyclocross team. The aim of the club is to provide riders with opportunities to progress their own cycling and enjoy riding bikes. Are you on Social Media? If so where can you be found? @mp_create @peddlamaniacs Cycle club (if you have one): of course Peddlamaniacs cc What was your first bike? 20" shopper bike that my dad retrieved from a skip lol (I actually loved that little bike) Current bike: I have 4 - Lucky Me, my bike children:

Cyclocross: Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 - The Lizard MTB: Liv Obsess - Ollie BMX: DK Cruiser 24 - Gremlin Road: Giant Propel Advanced - Geoff Dream bike: This is a tough one, and I have been thinking over this for a while. Got to be a cross bike of course, A Giant TCX Advanced Pro 1 ooooosh!!!! Favourite place to ride: Lots of places but one of my faves has to be Long Mynd If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would love to go ride all the Scottish trail centres :) Why is cycling special to you? Cycling is many things for me. Not only in my job being surrounded by bikes. Teaching and helping others to ride bikes. Getting out for a ride to clear my head or meeting a friend or thrashing round a field racing at red line for 40 minutes - I love all of these elements of cycling. Biggest cycling achievement (distance/days/event): One that sticks out for me has to be the 5 trail centres in 24 hours challenge that I completed in 2020 to raise money for Myton Hospice in memory of my brother who passed away. This involved riding to and around the centres (off and on road) a total of 137 miles and a mix of road to get to the centres and off road around the trail centres and I rode the whole thing on my cross bike.. yay!!!! Here’s a link to the blog write up: Blog | mp_create Do you have a yearly distance target? No distance target just rack up miles of racing and rides. Any cycle trips coming up? A few planned MTB sessions with the ladies groups but no special away trips, lots of racing for CX at mo as we are in the thick of the season currently so most weekends in a field somewhere.

Do you have any health goals? To maintain fitness and keep pushing myself. What benefits do you feel from taking VitxCycle? My recovery has improved massively since taking VitxCycle, I find myself feeling stronger going into next ride or training session and my flexibility has also increased, I have felt this difference particularly when manoeuvring the bike around running cx. How would you describe your cycling style? Off Road CX/MTB - love the mud!!!


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