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Meet a Subscriber - Simon de Burgh

Name: Simon de Burgh

Age: 50

Occupation: On-line Cycling, Triathlon and Nutrition/Weight Management Coach

Tell us about yourself: I hate this bit, LOL. I’m trying to run away from getting old by riding my bike, eating well, training in the gym and having as many two wheeled adventures as I can.

Are you on Social Media? If so where can you be found?

Instagram: velo_performance

YouTube: Velo Performance


STRAVA: Simon de Burgh

Cycle club (if you have one): VPCC | Velo Performance and North Devon Wheelers

What was your first bike? A horrible purple Halfords bike hand me down from my sister when I was 10. AKA Don’t know. But it was BAD. LOL

Current bike: BMC Roadmachine 02 One Ultegra di2

Dream bike: S-Works Tarmac Specialized SL7 Dura Ace - Di2

Favourite place to ride: Banyoles, Girona Spain

If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be? New Zealand

Why is cycling special to you? I love the fitness it gives you, being outside and the connection to nature. You see so much more on a bike than you would driving. I love that it helps you de-stress, gives you moments of mental clarity and drive. I’ve made some great friends through cycling, ridden epic events with them and created solo self styled challenges to test my legs. I love the fact that a bike can make you feel alive and like a kid again in a matter of seconds.

Biggest cycling achievement (distance/days/event): Topping a local 24 hour record of a 21 mile loop, completing 315 miles whilst climbing just over 19,000 ft !!.

Do you have a yearly distance target? Not really, but have tipped over 10,000 miles each year for the last few years. So I guess that’s a thing now LOL

Any cycle trips coming up? Girona to Andorra and back September 2022. Can’t wait for that, it will in all of the word be EPIC!

Do you have any health goals? To slow down my ageing process by eating well, training well and not giving up. I’m a firm believer you can mitigate your physical decline if you work at it.

What benefits do you feel from taking VitxCycle? On my last trip to Girona I didn't take it for a couple of weeks and wondered why my wrist started to ache (I broke it when I was 20). Once I got back home and started taking VitxCycle again the ache disappeared!

How would you describe your cycling style? I’m a bit of an all rounder. Happy to pull a big turn, climb with the group and been on the podium in TT’s but I really love the challenge of riding long. I’m planning something big in 2022.


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