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Looking to train harder for longer?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The route to success could include paying attention to your Iron levels. Iron is the body’s oxygenator, it is an important component of haemoglobin, the substance in blood which carries oxygen around the body. Iron can be lost during prolonged exercise via sweat and red blood cells themselves can be damaged, meaning there is a higher chance that those who take part in endurance sport/activities experiencing Iron deficiency.

It’s important to keep muscles supplied with the oxygen they need when undertaking prolonged exercise and to help avoid abnormal fatigue and therefore lower productivity; all of which lead to a decrease in athletic performance.

Iron can be found in red meat, chicken, fish, cashews, beans, lentils and dark leafy veg like spinach and broccoli. But how do you ensure that you are maintaining the right levels on days when your diet may be lacking in this essential mineral?

VitxCycle is a high quality complex of vitamins, minerals and food supplements your body needs to support your training, help reduce the risk of missed training days and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. VitxCycle helps supplement your diet to ensure you are providing your body with the essentials to keep it fit for the next ride.


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