Win a year's supply
of 'The Complex' from VitxCycle.

It's competition time!

To celebrate VitxCycle appearing at The Tour of Cambridgeshire,

we're giving away a year's subscription to our complex of

PROTECTION, FLEXIBILITY & RECOVERY to one lucky winner. Plus every hours we're giving away a month's supply to one lucky entrant.

To enter the competition, complete the form below including your best guess of the number of capsules in the jar on our stand and sign up to receive updates from VitxCycle. 


Entries close on 13th June 2022.

In the event of no exact winning answer, then closest guess wins.  In the event of more than one person with the same answer there will be a tie-breaker...

You can also claim 25% off your first 3 months of

VitxCycle by using the code toc2022.

Enter here...

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